Issue 18 and Volume 23.

NEW YORK FIRE GOSSIP. Like every other branch of the municipal service, the fire department is not exempt from the war fever, and if it is in their power to go, no few of the more adventurous spirits among the firemen will volunteer for active service—in which they will show equal prowess to that which they display when in the performance of their perilous duties at home. The first to volunteer was Assistant Foreman Harry Hauck, of engine No. 26, who has a fine reputation as a shot. Fire Commissioner Scannell will certainly be glad to avail himself of the services of as many of his boys as choose to enroll themselves in the regiment he is raising for war purposes —Meanwhile Assistant Foreman Joseph Welch, of hook and ladder company No. 21, showed himself a brave fireman at an early morning fire in the four-story building 228 West Fortieth…

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