Issue 18 and Volume 23.

FIRE ALARM SERVICE AT PITTSBURGH. In his annual report of the bureau of electricity, Superintendent Morris Mead, of the fire alarm telegraph bureau, Pittsbur h. Pa., praises highly the the apparatus in the main office, which he says is the most complete in the country, and the system he thinks is destined to be adopted in all first-class cities. Reference is made to the excellent work of the bureau in moving the wires from city hall to the Safety building without missing an alarm or call—connection being made with underground cable, the removal of overhead wires, and the erection of thirty miles of overhead wire. Twenty-two new fire alarm boxes were added to the system, making a total of 434 in service and 193 police telephone systems. In the inspection division there was an average of 103 buildings inspected each month. Recommendations are made for a repair shop, the semaphore…

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