Issue 18 and Volume 23.

MISCELLANEOUS The Chicago office of the New Jersey Car Spring and Rub ber Company has issued lour handsome colored pictures emblematic of the brands of hose which the firm manufactures. The “ Chief” brand is represented by a fire scene in Chicago with Chief Swenie in the foreground and the head of an Indian chief worked in rich colors in a circle. The design is good and the execution of the picture very effective. The other chromos show the “Charier Oak,” the “Jewel,” and the “White Diamond-’ brands—all nteresting and decidedly attractive pictures. The company intends to use them for advertising purposes. The value of the Eastman new nozzle system at a large fire was probably never better demonstrated,even at a public exhibi tion. than at the recent large elevator fire of the Fitchburg Railroad Company, in Charlestown on last Sunday morning. The Boston Globe of Monday, the 18th, in…

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