Issue 18 and Volume 23.

ANALYSIS OF THE WATER SUPPLY OF BUFFALO. The exact condition of the water supplied to the city of Buffalo,N.Y., is to be determined. Dr.Thomas B.Carpenter, assistant bacteriologist and Assistant Superintendent Knapp, of the bureau of water, recently made a trip through the outer harbor for the purpose of securing samples of the water. The officials took such samples as they required from various points in the lake and river; but the work was not completed. They found the water to be in excellent condition—so far, at least,as appearances went, The samples, however, will be submitted to a chemical examination,and, until that is over, it will be impossible to ascertain whether the city water is pure or polluted. It is the intention of the officials to take samples from the lake in the vicinity of the mouth of the proposed new inlet tunnel. A reservoir is to be constructed at Ottumwa,…

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