Issue 23 and Volume 23.

GREATER NEW YORK’S WATER SUPPLY. The Jamaica Water Supply Company and the Ramapo Water Company are reported to be trying to make private contracts with the city of New York to fill up whatever deficiencies there may be in its water supply. The Ramapo company’s charter dates back to 1895, and is to run for forty years. It grants the company the power of entering any watershed in the State and of laying its conduits under navigable waters. Its capital stock, which is held closely, is $2,500,000. Of the Jamaica Water Supply Company, whose charter dates back to 1887, little is known as yet outside of Queens county. As the Jamaica Township Water Company,established in 1888 89. it las-everal miles of pipe laid in Morris Park Richmond Hill, Hollis, and Cla enceville. The Water Supply Company has supplied Jamaica for thirteen years. The source of supply is welts, pumping to…

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