Issue 23 and Volume 23.

ELECTROLYSIS AT SOUTH NORWALK. Th report on electrolytic tests of water mains at South Norwalk, Conn., states that during the past year such tests show a very satisfactory condition of affairs. The maximum difference in electrical pressure between the rails of the electrical railways and the water mains was found not to exceed five volts, as against thirteen volts given as the maximum in the report of the preceding year. The five volts above mentioned was indicated at a point on East Washington street near the Marvin building. The rails were found to be positive to the water mains throughout the city,except at the Norwalk Tramway Company’s power house on Meadow street, where the tracks were negative to the water main. The maximum electrical pressure on the line of the Norwalk Street Railway Company was located at West street and West avenue, where a difference of two and one-half volts…

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