Issue 23 and Volume 23.

A FIRE-RESISTING CEMENT. According to Chambers’s Journal,a new fire-resisting cement has lately been subjected to a careful test in Germany, and an official protocol has been issued concerning its behavior, which bears the signatures of several architects, engineers, and other experts. The trial was conducted in a wooden house built for the purpose, the walls and roof of which, and an iron girder supporting the roof, were coated with an inch-thick layer of asbestic. The structure was partly filled and surrounded outside with a mass of shavings and wood chips soaked in petroleum, and the whole was set alight and allowed to burn for about three-quarters of an hour. The fierce conflagration was then extinguished by means of hose, when it was observed that the asbestic showed no sign of either cracking or peeling. When it was at length chipped off in various places, both the iron and wood of…

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