Issue 25 and Volume 23.

MY EXPERIENCE IN FILTRATION AND AERATION AT a meeting of the association at Indianapolis, in May, 1896, I read an article on “Filtra ion” in which I made the following statement: “I know of no reason for the use of a filter bed, whether original cost, expense of maintenance, available space, efficiency of filtration, removal of bacteria, facilities for cleaning, etc., are considered, which reasons will not apply with much greater force in favor of mechanical filters, provided only that the proper form of mechanical filter is used.” My experience of two years since that time has confirmed those views, and I am pleased to note that others, among the n Edmund B. Weston,of Providence, R.I., and Nicholas Simin, of Moscow, Russia, seem to have arrived at similar conclusions. As probably some of my hearers have never seen my original article, I trust I will be pardoned if I repeat…

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