Issue 25 and Volume 23.

BRADFORD’S NEED. Bradford, Pa., has perhaps 300 houses that are not using city water, and of those which are using it there are 694 that have only one faucet. It will be but a short time before most of these houses will be putting in water closets and bathroom fixtures. Last year 1,550 permits were issued This fact, added to the danger of droughts, to which Bradford is exposed every year, seems to point to the necessity of taking some steps towards increasing the water supply. On account of last summer’s long continued draught the artesian wells were pumped for eighty-two days, and the amount of water pumped would be about 32,800.000gallons, which would be equal to the amount of available water stored in the reservoirs, in addition to the water pump d by the artesian wells There was pumped direct into the system from Kendall creek about 7 200,000…

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