Issue 25 and Volume 23.

MISAPPROPRIATION OF WATER. SOME time ago it was discovered that several persons in the stockyards of Chicago,Ill., had for years been supplied with free water by means of unsuspected and unauthorized connections with the city’s mains. From all appearances a similar system of fraud has been practised for a considerable time in Jersey City,N.J., where outwardly reputable firms, have not paid a single dollar for the many hundred dollars worth of water they have “conveyed” to their own use from the city pipes. In the case of one of the accused firms the members claimed they had a private artesian well on the premises which flowed all the water required for generating steam for their operations. Unfortunately, however, for the truth of their story, a three-quarterinch iron pipe connecting with their boiler was traced to the adjoining premises, where, close to the connection of the above-mentioned threequarter-inch iron pipe, (which,…

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