Issue 2 and Volume 24.

NEW YORK FIRE GOSSIP. “What’s in a name?” With all due deference to Shakespeare, a rose by any other name may smell as sweet; but, when it comes to bearing the name of some political boss, then circumstances alter cases, and the lucky wearer of the name, whose chances of promotion,save for his name, would he infinitesimal mounts to the top of the ladder above the heads of those whose claims to advancement are based upon solid merit, arising from long and distinguished service—to say nothing of bravery. This is apropos of a recent promotion to high rank in the fire department—and for bravery too!—The Fourth of July did not give rise (except in one instance) to any serious fires in the borough of Manhattan, or, in fact, anywhere in the consolidated city. But the firemen were kept on the jump all the same. In the borough of Manhattan alone…

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