Issue 3 and Volume 24.

POWDER MILLS BLOWN UP The Laflin-Rand powder works at Pompton Lakes, N. J., were blown up on Tuesday morning last. At least nine lives were lost and the injured were many; thirteen being very seriously hurt. Fire completed the ruin. There were really two explosions, the noise of which was heard for miles round and by the shock windows in all directions within a radius of a mile were shattered. The first explosion occurred in the house where guncotton was being mixed. The second was in the drying house close by. The explosions wrecked the boiler house and killed the engineer. Three men were in the mixing room when the explosion occurred, and shreds of flesh picked up at various distances told the story of their fate. Several laborers were engaged in digging a ditch near the buildings where the explosions occurred. They furnished most of the dead. One body…

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