Issue 3 and Volume 24.

HEROES OF FIRE AND WATER. DURING the past week two ships, the Cunarder Catalonia and the Clyde liner Delaware, have been on fire on the ocean—the former, when three days distant from Queenstown, Ireland. On each ship were carried passengers— men, women, and children. In the one case the fire broke out twice, but on each occasion was extinguished by he crew. In each instance the attendant circumstances and conditions were sufficiently alarming to have caused a panic and a race for life among passengers anil crew,in which event the terrible scenes which attended the recent sinking of the French liner La Bourgogne might once more have been enacted. To the credit both of the British and the American sailors, however, there was no sign of cowardice or selfishness in their ranks. The captain and men of the Catalonia, with the cotton bales blazing on her deck and the fire…

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