Issue 3 and Volume 24.

MISCELLANEOUS Scribner’s magazine will have each month, under the title “Episodesof the War,” o collection of brilliant episodes described by eye-witness. They are to be brief and to the point, The following is from the Sidney (N. S. W.) Morning Herald: The Metropolitan fire brigade, having obtained from Indianapolis a Vajen-Bader helmet, yesterday tested the contrivance. The experiment was perfectly satisfactory. The helmet was worn for about forty minutes when in a small shed which contained a dense smoke and sulphur fumes. The men experienced not the slightest ill effect, and no hitch occurred. It is considered that the protector, which weighs about six pounds, is well fitted for use in ships as well as mines where smoke and gases have to be dealt with—The Vajen-Bader company has recently equipped the Liverpool, England, fire department with its device. This is part of a very large business which this company is…

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