Issue 4 and Volume 24.

PRICE OF FOURTH-CLASS FIRE ENGINES. President C. F. Silsby, of the American Fire Engine Company, Seneca Falls, N. Y., writes as follows as to the recent rejection of bids for fourth-size steam fire engines by Fire Commissioner Scannell: “I would say that the matter of price on fourth size engin e has been satisfactorily arranged with Fire Commissioner Scannel, and we apprehend no further difficulty. In fact, a new advertisment is out for bids to be opened on the 27th inst. While $3,500, the figure at which the last six’fourth-size en gines were sold to New York, is our regular price for that size steamer, these small machines are bought almost entirely by villages, and cost much less to make them than engines for a metropolitan city like New York, where they have special specifications, and the engines have to L>e made with extraheavy running gear, and extra appliances. When…

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