Issue 5 and Volume 24.

FIRE PATROL OF SAN FRANCISCO As now constituted, the fire patrol of San Francisco. Cal., is in first-class condition. During the last year its numbers put in 434 hours, fifty-eight minutes of actual service, spreading seven-two roof covers, 1,312 stock covers, and extinguishing forty-one fires. Six hundred and twenty-two alarms were received, of which fifty-one were false and fifty-one still. Since the patrol was organized in 1875 hasanswered 9,151 alarms; spread 27 628 covers, and been on duty 6,559 hours and fiftyone minutes. The losses last year, weie as follows: On buildings. $263 380.87; on contents, $548 459 &4The insurance on buildings was, $2,280,969 52; on contents. $t.545 The losses paid were: On buildings. $208 868 48; on contents, $348,459.64. Loss on buddings not insured $54,512.39; on contents not insured, $69,337.99—total. $123,850.38. There were three fires involving losses over $50,000 each. The force consists of J F. O. Comstock,superintendent,two lieutenants,…

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