Issue 5 and Volume 24.

SEWERAGE In regard to the purification of the Passaic river, much interest is excited in Newark, N, as to the injunction proceedings agaiost the proposed sewer across Military Park, to emptv into the Passaic near Centre street bridge. It is thought by some that the tidal flow will dilute the filth of the sewage deposit. On this subject Engineer Rudolph Hering has already expressed himself as follows: “When sewage is discharged into a tidal stream, or into salt water, other difficulties arise. Besides the deposits caused by a usual reduction in the velocity of the flow, the effect of salt water retaids the process of deimposition. and a larger dilution is necessary to prevent objectionable results than is necessary when sewage is discharged into fresh water under otherwise similar conditions. When sewage is discharged into a tidal stream, it is diluted only by the fresh water flow from the watershed,…

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