Issue 5 and Volume 24.

FIRE DRILL ON STEAMSHIPS. A thorough system of fire drills is practised weekly on the British ocean steamers—the day selected being Friday. On that occasion the men go through all the forms of putting out an imaginary fire and and manning the lifeboats. The drill is directed from the bridge. Each man has his number, and knows exactly what is expected of him. There ought to be some means of extending this practice to all steamship lines. The recent disaster to the French liner La Bourgogne makes evident the need of posting notice in the stokehole; or in some similar place, to the effect that any seaman who runs for the boats when the ship is going down will be shot. The insurance companies arc accustomed to exact a somewhat higher rate for steamers on which precautions in the way of fne drills and discipline do not exist in a…

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