Issue 5 and Volume 24.

A LONG FIGHT ENDED. THE Appellate division of the Supreme court, second department, has affirmed the judgment in the action entitled Walter R. Smith against the city of Brooklyn, which has been in the courts for the last three or four years. Smith had a pond at Freeport, about half a mile north of the aqueduct line, In 1894 the pond dried up, and dried up again in 1895, remaining dry during the following winter. The same thing happen in 1896 and the following winter. As Smith used the pond for harvesting ice, and other purposes, he brought suit against the city for damages At the first trial Judge Garrctson nonsuited him, on which he appealed, and the judgment was reversed by the Appellate court, which granted the plaintiff a new trial. I’he case was tried before Justice Wiimot F. Smith, and the jury gave a verdict of $1,800. From…

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