Issue 5 and Volume 24.

WATER SUPPLY IN THE BOROUGH OF QUEENS. Deputy Water Commissioner Joseph Fitch, of the borough of Queens, in his first quarterly report to Commissioner Dalton, sets forth the workings of the department for the three months ending June 30. He states that the city owns and operates six pumping stations in the borough, three in the First ward (Long Island City) and three in Flushing. The other sections are supplied with water by private corporations. The daily pumping output of the six city stations is as follows:—First ward (Long Island City), station No. i, 1,740,000; No. 2, 1,160000; No. 3, 735 000. Additional daily supply furmshed the First ward (Long Island City), by the Citizens’ Water Comoany, 960,000, making a total for the city of 3595.000 gallons pumped daily. The report states that the supply is sufficient for all present needs. The condition of all the pump ng stations is…

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