Issue 5 and Volume 24.

TRIUMPHS OF BACTERIOLOGY. In a recent lecture delivered in the theatre of the Royal Institution of London bv Dr. G. F. Klein, lecturer on Physiology at St. Bartholomew’s hospital in that city, he spoke of the achievements in bacteriology and quoted some remarkable statistics concerning the microbe and its manners. Its dimensions were so insignificant, he said, that a postage stamp would accommodate 500,000,000 of the typhoid species. Its fecundity was prodigious—so much so that, if fifteen drops of water polluted with bacteria were allowed to fall into a cup of broth, the germ population would have increased in twentyfour hours to 80,000,000. So profound had been the researches of the scientists who made the matter a special study, that not only had the bacteria associated with various diseases been discovered, but their weight had been estimated. As an instance of this fact. I)r. Klein said that it would take…

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