Issue 5 and Volume 24.

FIJIAN FIRE CEREMONY. Two New Zealand medical men, Drs. Hocken and Colquhoun,recently visited Fiji, where they had an opportunity of witnessing the now rare fire ceremony of the natives. It is so rare that the power is now confined to a single family living on an islet twenty miles from the Fijian metropolis Suva. These peojde are able to walk,nude and with bare feet,across the white hot stony pavement of a huge oven. An attempt was made on this occasion to register the heat, but, when the thermometer had been placet! for a few seconds about five feet from the oven, it had to be withdrawn, as the solder of the covering began to melt. The thermometer then registered 282 degrees and Dr. Hocken estimates that the range was over 400 degrees. The fire-walkers then approached, seven in number, and in single file walked leisurely across, and round the oven.…

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