Issue 5 and Volume 24.

EXPLOSIVES IN PITTSBURGH. Chief Humphreys, of the fire department of Pittsburgh, Pa., calls the attention of Director Brown, of the board of public safety, to the reported fact that oil, gunpowder, dynamite, and other high explosives are stored in large quantities in various sections of the city, forming, in case of fire, a standing menace to both 1 fe and property. He points out that, while there is an ordinance limiting the amount of stored gunpowder, there is none regulating that of oil and other high explosives. This, he insists, should be remedied by the passage of a law and the appointment of proper officials to see that the law is enforced and obeyed On the snbject of purchasing a fireboat Chief Humphreys emphatically declares that without an auxiliary pipe through which water can be forced into the heart of the mercantile section, the benefits supplied by the municipality will…

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