Issue 7 and Volume 24.

UNHAPPY PHILADELPHIA PHILADELPHIANS are beginning to lose hope. It was thought that councils would do something one of these days ; but councils seem to content themselves with receiving reports from experts as to the pollution of the Schuylkill river, or directing the city solicitor to restrain by injunctions cities higher up—Such as Norristown, for instance—from building sewers that will empty into the Schuylkill. At the same time, however, they take no steps to prevent the river from being contaminated by the sewage of Philadelphia itself. This business of keeping the waters free from pollution and of receiving reports on the subject has waxed monotonous. It savors too much of the “damnable iteration” that crops up so continually in the pie-crust promises of tricky politicians seeking reelection to merit belief or acceptance at the hands of the long-suffering citizens, who, with loss of hope, have also lost patience with the…

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