Issue 7 and Volume 24.

FITCHBURG AND ITS WATER METERS. Fitchburg, Mass., is a town of 59 000 inhabitants, with an estimated population of 25,000 on the line of pipe (63.42 miles) and an estimated population of 21 000 supplied at date. The estimated yearly consumption of water is 933 000,000 gallons, of which 81,636,000 passed through domestic meters, and 275,000,000 through manufacturing meters, being at the rate of eighty-eight gallons a day to each inhabitant, 121 to each consumer, and 613 to each tap. The number of meters in use is 2,031, of which the city owns 190 and indi dividuals 1 841. The meters in use are as follows: Union rotary, 633: Thrmson, 533; Crown, 414; Hersey, 212; Trident, 113; Nash, seventy-two; Ball & Fitt, forty-two; Worthington,eight; Ilers y T; rrent(three-ir.ch and four-incl ),two; Neptune (two-inch), one ; Union dupt x, one. The total length of pipe extensions hr s been 7,020 feet.…

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