Issue 7 and Volume 24.

FIRE AND WATER. ESTABLISHED IN 1877. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY. Subscription Price $3.00 per year. Single Copies 10 Cents. FORKIGN SUBSCRIPTIONS TO COUNTRIES IN THE POSTAL UNION $4. TO COUNTRIES OUTSIDE OF UNION $3, AND ACTUAL POSTAGE PAID. F. W. SHEPPERD, Publisher and Proprietor. 12-14 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK. CHICAGO OFFICE: 302 OXFORD BUILDING, 84 LA SALLE STREET BOSTON OFFICE : 53 STATE STREET. New York, Saturday, Aug. 13, 1898. Make all checks, drafts, or Post Office orders payable to F. W. SHEPPERD. Correspondence is solicited upon subjects relating to fire protection, water supply, and municipal engineering. The name of the writer is required, not for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith. The editors will not be responsible for the opinion of correspondents.

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