Issue 7 and Volume 24.

EARLY WATER WORKS PLANTS. (Concluded.) IN the northwestern part of Arabia there is a well which the Arabs claim to be the work of pre-Islamitic times. It is five feet in diameter at the top and gradually enlarging until it reaches the water at a depth of nearly 200 feet. It is lined with hewn stone throughout. However, the most remarkable well in the world is St. Joseph’s well at Cairo,Egypt. Its shaft was excavated through solid rock to a depth of 165 feet,at which depth it was enlarged on one side to form a chamber, in the bottom of which a reservoir was made immediately under the shaft. At one side of this reservoir another shaft was excavated through rock to a bed of gravel where water was found. The lower shaft was 130 feet deep, making the total depth 295 feet. The upper shaft was rectangular, twenty-four by…

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