Issue 7 and Volume 24.

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE ENGINEERS. The following is the program for the twenty-sixth annual convention to be held at St. Louis, Mo., on October 18, 19, 20,21, 1898. TOPICS AND ASSIGNMENTS. Topic No. 1.—Practical benefits of gymnasium to fire departments. Chas. Roberts, chief fire department, Denver, Colo. Topic No. 2.—At what temperature will water, when applied in given quantities, be transformed intosteam or gas,and thus aid combustion; and what conditions should govern the size and pressure of streams used Dy firemen in fighting fires ? Geo. C. Hale, chief fire department, Kansas City, Mo. Topic No. 3.—What are the benefits and advantages of automatic sprinklers? Chas. E. Swingiey, chief fire department, St. Louis. Mo. Topic No. 4—What style of horse is best suited to the fire service? Is breeding essential ? James Devine, chief fire department, Salt Lake City, Utah. Topic No. 5.—Auxiliary pipe lines for fire protection, operated by…

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