Issue 8 and Volume 24.

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MUNICIPAL ELECTRICIANS. Under the presidency of William Y. Ellett, of Elmira, the International Association of Municipal Electricians, chiefly made up of the superintendents of fire and police telegraphs, met last week at Elmira, N. Y., in the assembly rooms of the city hall, where the Acting Mayor A. J. Watson delivered the address of welcome, to which Clarence E. Stump, borough of Brooklyn, N. Y, replied. The president’s address dealt, among other subjects germane to the occasion, with the responsibilities of a municipal electrician—he used the term “advisedly.” Upon the efficiency of the electrician of a city (he said) depends much of the effectiveness of the police and fire departments themselves. The electiical apparatus must never be out of order beyond the earliest possible moment of repair. The municipal engineer must know what good apparatus is; must thoroughly understand its workings; and be able himself to keep…

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