Issue 8 and Volume 24.

H. F. NEUMEYER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. The H. F. Neumeyer Manufacturing Company, Macungie, Pa., has published an ilustrated catalogue, in which are described its “Standard ” nozzle, its “Niagara” lawn sprinkler, the Neumeyer wall wash, the “Peerless” automatic antifreezing hydrant, and “ Peerless’ street washers. The automatic anti-freezing hydrant has a perfect waste controler, prompt, positive, and reliable, made entirely of brass and noliable to wear or get cut of order. The accompanying sectional view shows that the body of the valve A is hollow. Across the inner diameter of its upper end extends a transverse tube D, with its end opening into the space surrounding the valve, The inner diameter of the lower end Is reduced and provided with cylindrical guides for an inverted cup-shaped plunger B, free to move in a vertical direction. Through a hole in the top of this plunger passes a pin C, with a pointed…

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