Issue 10 and Volume 24.

CAMDEN’S UP-TO-DATE FIRE DEPARTMENT. Camden, N. J., has a thoroughly up-to-date fire department whose manual force is commanded by Chief Engineer S. Elfreth and Assistant Engineer Samuel S. Buzine—two able officers who command the willing obedience of their subordinates and the esteem and confidence of their fellow citizens. The personnel is as followers Chief _____ a assistant chief; foremen of companies, six; engineers, four; extra engineer; stokers, four; drivers, seven; tillerman; hosemen, fourteen; laddermen. five—total, forty-four officers and men, fully paid and available for fire duty, with four housemen, appointed to close the houses and care for them in the absence of the cam -panies. The apparatus is as follows: Steam fire engines, four; two-wheel hose carts, two—capacity, 800 feet of cotton hose; four-wheel, two-horse hose carriage—capacity, t,000 feet of cotton hose; four-wheel, one-horse hose carriage—capacity,800 feet of cotton hose; aerial hook and ladder—seventy-five feet; Holloway double, sixty-gallon tank, chemical…

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