Issue 15 and Volume 24.

CENTRAL STATES WATER WORKS CONVENTION. (Specially correspondence of FIRE AND WATER.) SPRINGFIELD, OHIO, Sept. 3, 1898. THE convention of the Central States Water Works association, which opened in the Armory hall here on Tuesday evening has been a complete success. The number of delegates was large—seventy-five were present at the opening session—the papers read were excellent, and the amount of business done large. President O’Shaughnessy opened the proceedings, after which the program of the convention was announced by Secretary W. Smith, of the local water works, who then introduced, not Governor Bushnell. as up to the last moment had been intended, but Mayor Good, of Springfield, to deliver the address of welcome. Mayor Good in his speech said that, while the delegates were the guests of the city of Springfield; they were more especially those of the Commercial club. He welcomed them as representatives of one of the most important…

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