Issue 15 and Volume 24.

NEW COMBINATION CHEMICAL HOSE WAGON. That enterprising firm, the P. J. Cooney Manufacturing Company, of St. Louis Mo., has just had tested by the fire department of that city a new combination chemical hose wagon, with water tower attachment, of which Chief Swingley, his officers and men, unanimously speak in the highest terms. This two-herse chemical hose wagon, with three-way monitor, nozzle (size tips for nozzle one and one-half inch,one and threequarter inch,and two inches) is fully equipped for action either as a chemical engine or a water tower or both. The pipe connections have a coupling attached for two and one-halfinch rubber hose, so that the cylinder can be filled from the plug; also, if enough pressure comes from the plug, the water can pass through the cylinder into the three-quarter-inch hose, thus avoiding, in case of necessity, the rechatging of the cylinder. The wagon is mounted on Sarven…

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