Issue 15 and Volume 24.

JONES PRESSURE INDICATING AND RECORDING GUAGES. The Jones Gauge Company, of Boston, Mass., successors to S. P. Jones,of the same city, ranks among one of the most goahead concerns in the United States. They own no less than eighteen patents on recording gauges, and have not been sparing of either efforts or expense to produce instruments whose excellence shall be the highest possible in every respect—as nearly perfect as possible and of undeniable practicability. Among their many inventions is the Peerless indicating and recording gauge, using the Bourbon spring as the actuating power. When Mr. F. A. Jones invented this instrument, there was hardly anything in use in that line except diaphragm gauges. Mr. Jones was the first to adept the Bourbon spring in his recording instruments, for which he now holds the patents. The practical use of this spring is covered by these patents, and the company will take…

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