Issue 16 and Volume 24.

TIMELY SUGGESTIONS TO SMALL TOWNS. Big fires in small towns have been quite numerous during the past few weeks. In many instances the fires might have been extinguished,had the boroughs or villages some apparatus for fighting the fires; but, with only a bucket brigade for relief, the flames were permitted to work out complete destruction. Chief Miles Humphreys, of the Pittsburgh department believes that the small towns might save much property from destruction by adopting a few of the modern devices now on the market for extinguishing fires. He refers particularly to towns like Grove City, Spartansburg. and Youngsville, Pa., which are a few of the places recently visited by big fires. Tnese towns are in no manner prepared for big fires. There is no known element he says so deadly to the progress of a Areas a good supply of water. In the first place all towns should have…

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