Issue 16 and Volume 24.

THE BICYCLE IN THE FIRE SERVICE. (WRITTEN FOR FIRE AND WATER.) AMONG other plans which have been presented for using the bicycle in the fire service are those given in the accompanying drawings, the first of which shows a method for carrying a moderate sized chemical equipment on three wheels. The chemical tanks, pipes, and connections are of ordinary construction, and placed upon a spring platform A. This platform is pivoted at B, and set screwed to the rear shaft between the two rear wheels, as shown. There is a saddle of each of the three wheels, and a fireman can ride each and pedal, the propelling being effected with gears. The mode of steering, as suggested in this design, is novel, as the foremost rider performs this by means of the wheel E, which acts upon the forewheel mechanism in a peculiar manner. There are beveled gears at G,…

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