Issue 16 and Volume 24.

THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE ENGINEERS YEAR by year, as time rolls on, the Internanational Association of Fire Engineers attracts more and more attention from the municipal authorities of cities and towns, and exercises a more powerful influence upon the scientific world. The first mentioned bodies are rapidly becoming enlightened as to the fact that such gatherings of practical firefighters inure to the more intimate knowledge of the science of fire fighting, to a more thorough acquaintance with the most efficacious methods of extinguishing fires, to the best type of apparatus, and the most perfect methods of organization. In this way, their chiefs return to their duties, not as from a mere pleasure trip, but more thoroughly versed in the most efficient method of conducting their departments, as well as more perfectly posted in the most economical manner of administering them on the appropriation granted them. All this is taught…

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