Issue 16 and Volume 24.

WATER SUPPLY The Chesapeake Bay Construction Company, Washington, D. C., is considering a plan for constructing a water works system at the Chesapeake Bay terminus of the railway. Otto Mears, president, 1420 New York avenue, may be addressed on the subject A project is under consideration at St. Catharines. Ont., for installing a filtration plant with a capacity of about 1,000 000 gallons, and of making various other improvements to the system. J. A Mills, superintendent will furnish information Plans and specifications for a main in Saratoga Springs, N. Y., from Greenfield reservoir, have been submitted by the village engineer. The work will cost about $4,000. The citizens of Dlockton, la., have voted in favor of the construction of a small system of water works. The water commissioners of Needham. Mass., will receive proposals until October 17, for the construction of a new well from which to secure a supply.…

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