Issue 16 and Volume 24.

THE STANDARD NOZZLE. The Standard nozzle of the Eastman Company, the wellknown dealers in fire appliances, of East Concord, N. H., has pushed itself to the front by sheer weight of merit. It produces streams in all sizes up to two inches—even larger, and delivers these streams at a distance much greater than those ordinarily produced—this larger stream, in every instance, attaining the greatest height. For instance, while a quarterinch jet reaches a height of thirty-seven feet, with forty-three pounds pressure and 100 feet head, the two-inch will reach ninety-two feet, and so on, in proportion to head, pressure and size of nozzle. The right principles having been applied to the production of streams in the Standard nozzle—that is to say. in bringing water to the nozzle, hundreds of per cent can be gained ineffective workover old methods without increase of pressure. It shows that a five-inch stream attains its…

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