Issue 17 and Volume 24.

CHIEF TRAUTWINE ON PHILADELPHIA’S WATER SUPPLY CHIEF TRAUTWINE, of the water department of Philadelphia, Pa., in his report on filtration just presented to councils, confines himself to the two styles of filter—(1) the old-fashioned English, or slow sand filter bed, and (2) the American rapid, or so-called mechanical filter. He has adhered to the former system, and points out that the East Park, Roxborough, and Belmont reservoirs “afford admirable sedimentation basins, ready to hand.” The Queen Lane reservoir can also be similarly utilized; but the rapid filters contemplated for that system, he insists, “ have their own sedimentation basins built in connection with them.” He has, therefore, adopted elevated sites for the slow filter beds of the first three systems, “ chiefly to utilize the facilities for sedimentation afforded by the existing reservoirs.” The Frankford filter he would build at a low elevation near the pumping station, with a special…

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