Issue 17 and Volume 24.

AN OIL FILTER FOR BOILER FEED-WATER. AT PEORIA, ILL., the main steam pumping plant of the local water company consists of three Worthington compound, condensing, duplex, vertical, high duty pumping engines of 7,200,000-gallons daily capacity each, against a pressure of about 135 pounds, with six Hein water-tube boilers of 200-h. p. each, or 12,000-h. p. in all, with the necessary boiler, feeders, etc. The pumping engines are rated at 100.000,000 foot-pounds per 1.000 pounds of steam. Usually, only one engine, with the usual auxilaries, and two boilers of 400-h. p. are in use at a time—on an average for seventeen hours per day. In May, 1846, Superintendent Dabney H. Maury, jr., made a test of the entire pumping plant under ordinary conditions, with a view to improvements. The results of that test he read in a paper before the convention of the American Water Works association heid at Buffalo, N.…

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