Issue 17 and Volume 24.

FIRE AND WATER WHEN it comes to paying out nine per cent. of their salary in political assessments, the firemen of any city may well think it about time to protest. So will everyone else. But is such really the case at Columbus, Ohio? If the firemen are officially paid their salaries, minus the amount of the assessment, the action is illegal. If not, the probabilities are that the payment on their part is a voluntary action with which no outsider can interfere. As the cry is raised by the Dispatch of that city just at election time, the chances are that politics underlies the whole complaint and that the Dispatch represents the disgruntled “ outs ” who would fain be the “ ins.” CHIEF PARIS has two special grievances of which he complains in his report to the District Commissioners of Washington, D. C. One is the handicapping of…

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