International Association of Fire Engineers.

Issue 17 and Volume 24.

International Association of Fire Engineers. THE MEETING AT ST. LOUIS. GREAT PREPARATIONS MADE BY THE CITIZENS. AN INTERESTING ANNIVERSARY. (From our special correspondent.) ST. LOUIS, MO., October 18. 1898. IT is now just twenty-four years ago since the International (then the National) Association of Fire Engineers met in its second convention in St Louis—the association being then in its swaddling clothes. It has grown in size as it has grown in influence since that date, and may now be looked upon as an association of a formative class—one which educates, instructs, and forms efficient firemen. There are still in this city old veteran firemen who remember the first convention held here and they are amony those who today are welcoming the chiefs of the newer generation. The arrangements for the entertainment and accommodation of the visitors are most complete, and Chief Swingley and his men have seen to it that…

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