Issue 18 and Volume 24.

NEW OUTBREAKS OF INCENDIARISM. Judging from the large number of suspicious fires in cities, the business of the firebug must again be booming. There is an evident recrudescence of the evil in Greater New York but it does not seem as if the fire marshal’s bureau is successful in catching the incendiaries. In some places, indeed, the necessary steps are being taken; but even the shrewdness and wiliness of the perpetrators of the crime—to say nothing of their numbers—outwit the efforts to capture them. And even if they are arrested, innumerable difficulties seem to crop up to render the evidence being sufficient to justify a conviction, while as many facilities are afforded to a sharp, if conscienceless, lawyer to avail himself of every “nice sharp quillets of the law,” so as to secure for his client a new trial with its accompanying advantages of the possibility of an acquittal or…

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