Issue 18 and Volume 24.

NEW YORK FIRE GOSSIP. When the first ward of the borough of Queen’s enjoyed an individual corporate existence as Long Island City, William H. Delehanty was chief of its fire department—not, indeed, by the will of Mayor Gleason; for during the last two years of the city’s existence he had been dismissed by that official, and had appealed to the courts against his dismissal. His case was still pending when the new charter of Greater New York became operative. The courts ordered his reinstatement to do duty in his proper grade in the fire department. Fire Commissioner Scannell, in his endeavors after obeying the order of the court, offered Mr. Delehanty the position of battalion chief. By advice of his counsel, however, he refused the offer, and claimed that he should be made a deputy chief, and take rank with Deputy Chief Dale, of the borough of Brooklyn, formerly chief…

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