Issue 18 and Volume 24.

WATER SUPPLY Mayor Van Wyck has passed the estimate for $1,481,011.67 for the department of water in New York. The increase over last year’s appropriation was $135,028.67. At the same time Mayor Van Wyck refused to allow an appropriation for five small public baths in the borough of Brooklyn, on the ground that the money must be raised by a bond issue, and no bonds can be issued now. Yet only the day before he authorized the building of a big bath at Coney Island. Why he thus discriminated the mayor refused to say. Time was when London was a watering place, whose wells, if not rivaling Bath or Harrogate, were widely famed and frequented by people from all quarters. In South London there were many spas—Lambeth wells, which sold water for a penny a quart, and gave it to the poor for nothing ; St. George’s wells, Sydenham wells…

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