Issue 21 and Volume 24.

TOWN TOPICS. AT New Britain. Conn, the water from Roaring brook has been turned into Shuttle Meadow lake. The brook pipe line consists of about six miles of two twenty-inch mains, which run parallel and are jointed by twenty-inch cross connections. A thirty inch mam takes the water from the intake of Roaring brook to the two twenty-inch mains, and another thirty inch main receives it and empties into an open canal, leading into Shuttle Meadow. The pipes are equipped with twenty-nine twenty-inch valves, two thirty-inch, and twenty-four eight-inch valves. The water may be shut off from either section of pine, or both, and one may be continued in permanent use while the other is shut off. The mains also are equipped with air valves, for letting air in or out when necessary, and with valve whistles, which indicate the pressure of air in any section of the main. The…

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