Issue 21 and Volume 24.

THE MULTIPHASE CABLE IN AUSTRALIA. A successful trial of the Montauk multiphase automatic fire alarm cable was recently given at the head station of the Metropolitan fire brigade. Melbourne, Australia. The main instrument was disconnected from the recording apparatus, and placed in circuit with the Bouverie street station. A flame was applied to the covered cable for a few seconds, and, being thermostatic throughout its length, it was at once set in action and registered a pre-arranged call at Bouverie street. As a result, the hose cart arrived at the head stat’on in less than three and a half minutes. Tnis was convincing proof of the usefulness of this cable in conjunction with the fire alarm apparatus of Mr. Kirbv, of Williamstown. II ad th s combination been in use in Elizabeth street. Melbourne, in which th: recent great fire or ginated there is no doubt but that it could…

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