Issue 21 and Volume 24.

SEWERAGE The question of issuing $50,000 in bonds for sewer system and street improvement in the Brambleton district, Norfolk, Va., as before alluded to in FIRE AND WATER, has been decided favorably, and the bonds, it is said, will soon be issued. W. F. Brooke is the city engineer. Plans have been prepared for a system of sewers for Rankin, Pa., by Messrs. Trimble & Miller, of Pittsburgh, Pa., and bids will be received for the work until November 21. There will be required laid, 1,800 feet of brick main sewer, and 3,400 feet of pipe sewers. J, S. Sheekey is clerk. The department of sewers, New York, asks bids until November 30, for the construction of a temporary drain in Bronx park. James Kane is commissioner. Proposals are asked until November 25, for constructing over 3,000 feet of eight and ten-inch pipe sewers at Pontiac, Mich. W. M. Fisher…

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