Issue 21 and Volume 24.

FORTY-SEVEN YEARS A FIRE-FIGHTER. CHIEF H. J. EATON, of the fire department of Hartford, Conn., claims that he is the oldest fire chief in continuous service in the United Slates. His career certainly goes back for forty-seven years,and during all that lengthened period he has been a member of the fire department of his native city, and has risen from the lowest to the highest position in its ranks. Chief Katon was born tn Hartford in 1831, and twenty years afterwards became a volunteer fireman. In June, 1864, he served as first assistant engineer till the following December, when the department was changed from a volunteer to a paid department. When that transformation took place, he was at once appointed first assistant engineer. In October, 1868, he became chief of the department—an office which he continues to fill acceptably to his fellow citizens. During his long career as a fireman,…

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